Corporate Relocation

Sam Hawkins creates efficiency in your relocation process and connectivity to the community for your associates. More than simply supporting your newly hired associate in their search for a home, Sam offers to them an unmatched level of service, community knowledge and personal network to ensure your associate finds a home, not just a house.

Services to Your Company

reloYou’ve recruited the best candidate – let Sam find them the best neighborhood. An associate who is happy in their home and engaged with their community is an associate who is easily retained. Bulleted list, mouse over additional details to show up?

  1. EfficiencySam’s top-level service ensures your associate gets to work at his new job quickly
  2. TransparencySam’s services hinge on exceptional tracking of process and expenses as expected or required of your relocating associates. Opportunity to work alongside and even train Human Resources department in lump sum payouts and approved reimbursement tracking packages.
  3. ConsistencyIf you’re hiring 5 or 25 associates new to Indianapolis, know that the same level of service and all steps of the process are provided at any point to any associate.
  4. Cost-EffectivenessNegotiated rates for moving and storage needs.
  5. Confidenceyour associate will work with Sam, not an assistant. You can feel confident knowing who your associate is meeting with and working with is who you referred to and the level of service you expect.
  6. ExclusivityCreate an exclusive relationship with Sam and receive access to Sam’s resources when recruiting your best candidate as well as a referral fee paid after closing.

Services for your Associate

relo_assocEvery element taken care of – expense tracking, neighborhood overviews, engagement in the community, moving resources, remodel and design connections. Sam’s service does not end at the sale of the home…but the relationship continues as your associate further engages with their community and creates roots in Indianapolis. Click Here to see an example of these services…

  1. ConfidenceNot only does Sam provide the best service in showcasing Indianapolis, his service also extends to the associate being transferred out of Indianapolis. When leaving the city, your associate will have confidence their home and move are well taken care of and every details is attended to.
  2. Legal expertiseSam offers an attorney review of the documents knowing many people who relocate to Indianapolis are used to this protocol in their previous transactions
  3. Referral network for home and personal needsFrom a small renovation project to meeting with a nonprofit executive director about board membership, Sam has the connections for your associate.
  4. EfficiencyMoving to or from Indianapolis, your associate will experience a move that will be detail-oriented, well-communicated and personally tailored just to their needs to ensure efficiency of time spent between cities.