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Featured Property: Early Williams Creek home for $1.6M

As seen in IndyStar 551 Forest Boulevard, Williams Creek In the 1920s, architects Edward Pierre and George Wright set out to develop a swatch of farmland in Marion County, building five distinctive homes in an area they called… Read More

9 Ingredients of a Great Neighborhood, Ranked

9 Ingredients of a Great Neighborhood, Ranked Sam Hawkins is the #1 Realtor in Meridian Hills and Williams Creek.  He knows what makes these areas among the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis… Article written by: Angela Colley from Realtor.com Imgorthand/iStock You’ve… Read More

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Underhouse yourself to live more life

Underhouse Yourself to Live More Life by: Peter Dunn | December 12, 2011 I’m with you. I have no idea what in the hell this blog title actually means. But it’s exactly what I’m talking about. If you… Read More

Sold By Sam – Hull Road 2