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9 Ingredients of a Great Neighborhood, Ranked

9 Ingredients of a Great Neighborhood, Ranked Sam Hawkins is the #1 Realtor in Meridian Hills and Williams Creek.  He knows what makes these areas among the best neighborhoods in Indianapolis… Article written by: Angela Colley from Realtor.com Imgorthand/iStock You’ve… Read More

Unparalleled Communication

We provide a clever, proactive approach to buying and selling that combines unparalleled personal communication with modern technology and world-class marketing.

Underhouse yourself to live more life

Underhouse Yourself to Live More Life by: Peter Dunn | December 12, 2011 I’m with you. I have no idea what in the hell this blog title actually means. But it’s exactly what I’m talking about. If you… Read More

Luxury Portfolio International

Click here for the latest issue: Volume 05 | Issue No. 02 Luxury Portfolio International® is the luxury face of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World® the largest global network of premier locally branded companies dominated by… Read More

Pete the Planner: A Realtor is your No. 1 financial adviser

By Peter Dunn 8:58 p.m. EST January 4, 2014 I firmly believe in the importance of hiring a competent financial professional to help guide your financial life.  This probably doesn’t surprise you. What may surprise you is who… Read More

Sold By Sam – Hull Road

Sold By Sam – Hull Road 2



Risks of Remodeling Without a Permit

Most cities require that homeowners obtain a building permit before making modifications to their residence. Which modifications require a permit vary by city. Also, some cities are more vigilant than others in enforcing permit laws. In order for… Read More